Monologues - Relatively Speaking
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Product Description

This CD features recordings of Chris’s monologues – you can preview them using the player below.

“I think they are beautifully written and I love the sparsity of them”

Victoria Wood

“Beautifully simple, elegantly written and above all sincere”

Hamish Glenn – Artistic Director- The Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

“They are excellently crafted and beautifully delivered as Chris casts her eye over her family and acquaintances”

Dave Reeves Radio Wildfire

“Beautifully simple, elegantly written and above all sincere. These monologues reflect on personal and family relationships familiar to us all. With a strong undercurrent of humour, the writing is reminiscent of Alan Bennett, whilst the performances are understated like overhearing a conversation.”

CD Track Listing

Me neighbours
Me sister
Me friend
Me self
Me mother
Me other friend

About the author:

© Chris Hoskins - poet – singer – song-writer - arranger