Free Harmony - 'Off the Beaten Track'
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Product Description

Yes, that’s right! It’s finally here!! And we’re even giving you a few samples to give you a taster of the full album. The player below has tracks from the album.

Sweet Memory – words and music by Pam Dudson, arrangement by Free Harmony.
Polegala – a traditional song from Croatia which means in brief, ‘ye my faithful friends, have a drink and remember me’.
My Scottish Lullaby – words, music and arrangement by Chris Hoskins.
Lately – written by Pam Dunsdon – arranged and performed by Free Harmony
Maliswe – South African song which refers to a longing for home and Maliswe
Moonlight Sonata – A written and arranged by Chris Hoskins performed by Free Harmony

About the author:

© Chris Hoskins - poet – singer – song-writer - arranger