Letters of Congratulations

These are extracts from unsolicited letters of congratulations we received following our concert!

From Lynne’s family:

All enjoyed ‘One Voice’ – particular compliments on Hamba Natil, Noyana, Soyilwela and Yon Do. Compliments too for Free Harmony, especially the first half – unfortunately I missed this bit but I am told it was well sung and dynamic (by separate commentators who had not conferred and don’t know one another).

From Jane’s family
My family thoroughly enjoyed it, and my daughter was full of compliments for all of us. She commented on what a wonderful atmosphere there was and I agree. I think One Voice is a very special group, not just the singing but the friendship and good humour too.

From Jean’s family
Hello Chris finally found time to sit and email you some of the comments from my friends who were at the concert Thursday evening.They thought the choir was wonderful we sang some amazing songs and they loved the harmony, and they also realised how much effort and time had gone in to making us sound so good. They loved Free Harmony for the refreshing songs they sang and hadn`t heard before, and in particular one friend liked the last two songs. They noticed we all seemed to be happy and enjoying ourselves, but acknowledged the reason why we were there and thought Leona was brave, it was a lovely evening enjoyed by them all and hoped it raised loads of money for The Meningitis Trust. They also thought it was too cheap!

About the author:

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