Singing for the Terrified

Chris runs a regular weekly group of singers that used to be terrified, called 'One Voice', a mixed a'cappella choir that meet at Earlsdon Methodist Church Hall every Thursday evening, 7.30-9.30pm. For more information please go to

Singing for the Terrified are workshops for people who are, you guessed it, terrified of singing! For information on dates, times and locations, see the Dates for your Diary page.

Singing for the Terrified Workshop

Too Terrified to sing? Would you like to try in a supportive and empathetic environment? Then this is the course for you!

Come and gain a deeper understanding of how your voice works and why it doesn’t work in the way you want it to. Take control of your voice and feel empowered.

Having fun, and working holistically through a simple, tried and tested series of relaxation, vocal and physical exercises are all part of the process that lead us into singing. Using beautifully simple and stimulating songs we will be singing together for the pure love of it! No need to read music as all songs will be taught by ear.

Below you'll find comments from some of Chris's students.

Singing for the Terrified … A fantastic environment in which to find your voice. No experience required – Honestly. Sessions cover a stimulating range of original and contemporary material as sung rounds and enchanting harmonies.

Coaching style is relaxed and the whole emphasis is on singing for the pure joy of it and just having fun. Technique and voice control is subtly and painlessly introduced and the results ? Quite extraordinary.

Chris Hoskins is an inspirational leader who delights in her work and takes immense pleasure from developing groups and individuals to their full potential.

Not terrified any more, Warwickshire.

I love Chris Hoskins' passion and commitment to singing. I love the way she makes every one of us feel as if we really can sing, in spite of being told for years to shut up. I value her infectious enthusiasm, her professionalism, her holistic approach to her students and her work, her sensitivity. She's unique, she enhances the lives of her students, and this is shown in our loyalty to her groups. If you get the chance, check her out.

Phil--- Coventry

Chris is an inspirational teacher who passionately believes that everyone can sing. She has given me confidence and a deeper understanding of how my voice works. The journey from being terrified to singing in harmony with others has been a wonderfully enjoyable experience.

Jane--- Coventry

I came to Singing for the Terrified because I have always loved all types and styles of singing and would have loved to be a good singer. SFFT has given me the confidence to join in and it makes me feel like a good singer when I am in the middle of a group. I love everything about the class, from the exercises and vocal warm-ups at the beginning right through to the end of the night. We sing a good variety of songs, we are always learning something new and there is something for everyone.

I also enjoy the social announcements and the variety of people who come, who are all ages, all types and all standards of singing.

I now sing along all the time when I am in the house, in the car, or out and about - I love it.

Lesley ----- Coventry

Singing for the Terrified was started for people who, for a whole variety of reasons had a fear of singing.

For some, there had been a history of someone saying they couldn’t sing, or someone had told them they sounded terrible, they themselves thought they sounded terrible and thought they couldn’t sing, or they had sung in the past and wanted to get back into singing OR they'd just like to gain more confidence and brush up on their vocal skills!! Whatever the case, they have never lost their love of singing or the desire to sing.

Many people who have come to groups have had these different experiences in the past and I’d like to think we cater for everyone and everything else in between.

Some people who have joined us go on to do things like:

- Compete in the local X-Factor
- Join other choirs or groups/bands
- Sing in theatrical performances
- Go on to sing solo, so absolutely anything's possible!!

Many come for the sheer joy of singing with others and improving their vocal skills and have fun whilst doing so! All songs are taught by ear, so no-one needs to be able to read music and there are no auditions. The main emphasis is enjoying making beautiful music together!

The reward for me is seeing and hearing the results and working with a great bunch of people who have made a real commitment to singing and who sing with joy and enthusiasm. So if you want to sing, if you really want to sing, then this is your opportunity!

Everyone can sing and everyone has an opportunity to sing with us. So come and find your natural voice with Singing for the Terrified