An Ode to Chris H.

To become a member of ‘Singing For The Terrified’
One doesn’t need to be scared, or particularly wild eyed
That applies to all of us,
and non that we know, are officially certified

Our weekly routines start with odd sounding noises
not anything like you’d expect from our voices
We flap our arms and, kiss the ceiling
desperately hoping normal folk aren’t peering

Now we are a well behaved bunchbut sometimes things just come to a crunch
Quiet! and shush! are loudly called
calm and decorum once again restored

Achievements are not in the least bit lacking
our teacher won’t stand for any slacking
We’ve (David’s) learned to count and divide by three
that’s the only way to sing harmony
We’re taught to breathe and when to pause
all this results in, great applause

A debt of gratitude we now owe
to the person who shaped us so
She booked us in for surgery
and improved us all, immeasurably

Now indentured, we made the right choice,
it lead to promotion, we’re now called ‘One Voice’
So please join me as I know you all will
To say a heartfelt thank you – and cheers to this girl

About the author:

© Chris Hoskins - poet – singer – song-writer - arranger